Last updated: Sep 11, 2023

Scheme TypeUp-FrontTrail-1st YearTrail-2nd Year onwards
Liquid/Ultra Short Term SchemesNil0.05%-0.65%0.05%-0.65%
Short Term Income FundsNil0.05%-0.65%0.05%-0.65%
Income FundsNil0.05%-1.0%0.05%-1.0%
Gilt FundsNil0.05%-0.65%0.05%-0.65%
Hybrid Debt/Monthly Income Plans0.25%-0.75%0.05%-0.75%0.05%-0.75%
Arbitrage Funds0.05%-0.15%0.05%-0.60%0.05%-0.60%
Fund of Funds0.50%-0.75%0.25%-0.50%0.25%-0.50%
Index FundsNil0.0%-0.75%0.0%-0.75%
Equity / Hybrid Equity Balance Funds0.50%-0.75%0.50%-1.50%0.50%-1.50%
Fixed Maturity Plans0.05%-1.00%NilNil

Details of Scheme level commission on Mutual funds are available with the Relationship Managers and would be produced on demand.

This is on a best effort basis and rates are updated as and when actual rates are received from AMCs