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Mr. Niraj Rathore

I am happy that the SLA Financial Solutions has entered its 10th year. It has been a long association with SLA Financial Solutions. I have seen Ashish work hard, travelling all over Rajsthan and educating people about their financial goals. I too am a Ashish’s student, who often comes and educates me with his immense knowledge about finance and his famous “KISS” approach. Today Ashish has reached the top of his profession, a goal which he was working for so many years. His mastery over the subject , is certainly an asset to all. It was definitely a wise choice, for if ever there was a man who felt the pulse of the investors and identified himself with them it was him. If a leader is brave, people under his command will be strong. If he flinches, they will recoil in dread. This tells us that everything depends on the leaders determination. My best wishes to you ...Ashish

Divya and Madhur Sindhi


SLA has met and surpassed my expectations of working with financial advisors. They take time to really know their clients which gives me confidence that not just my financial goals are well understood but also my comfort level. They regularly provide updates and have always been available to answer any questions that I had. After having grave problems with my erstwhile financial company, I was advised to talk to SLA. SLA has made me feel financially secure for last couple of years now and has played an integral role in correcting and building my financial portfolio through their non-complicated and easy to understand investment strategies. I appreciate the guidance SLA has provided in helping me make sound financial decisions. Honest, reliable, ethical and highly recommended.

Mr. Ashish Galav

Team Lead, Amdocs

I have been associated with SLA Financial Solutions for over 8 years now and my faith on them has grown exponentially all this time. Their will and enthusiasm to make clients realize and achieve their goals through sound investment planning is what differentiates them from their competitors. I admire their proactive initiatives of educating people about fundamentals of wealth creation and helping them take informed decisions. They are handling finances of my entire family and helped us sail through turbulent markets without even feeling the heat of it. All the friends I have recommended them to are also content and happy with their services. Keep on doing the excellent job guys!

Anjay Roy

Tata Docomo

I would like to thank you for your support and effort that you have put in to guide me through my financial planning to cover risk and plan secure future for me & my family. They are now like my family who always supports and guides me for all my financial planning. I sincerely wish entire Team SLA, a great success in their business in coming years. Thank you so very much.

Mohd. Aamir Nayyar

Faculty, Pearl Academy

SLA has been a constant information counter and a guide for past 6 - 7 years. My relationship manager at SLA is a confidant and a smooth talker and makes me invest at a regular pace. He knows the art of stopping at a point where he know it’s not the right step that I am planning to take. They have been a true guide to me. All the best.

Shoeb Abbas

Senior Manager, Idea Cellular Limited

Managing finance is something which has always scared me. However, after meeting with SLA financial Solutions I got a confidence that still there is time left and lot many more things could be done. They are the most efficient and skilled professionals and they know on your exact need. Today when I look back I feel confident and relaxed as my money is in the right hands. Thanks to the Team SLA. You rock.

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Rahul Ahuja

Principal, Presidency College of Hotel Management

Thank you so much SLA Financial Solutions for guiding me for my financial independence and making sure that my future is safe in terms of my financial needs. Before knowing SLA I was not aware of various saving methods. Now I realised how important it is. My special thanks goes to my relationship manager for supporting me and my family during all my financial needs and being more like a family member rather than just a financial advisor. KUDOS Team SLA

Jitendra Kumar Tank

HR Manager, Vaibhav Global Limited

SLA is the unique setup to manage your personal finance. Three years back I didn't know anything about personal finance. I was searching a good consultant who can help me to manage my personal finance & investments. Suddenly I met with my relationship manager who works with SLA. He made me understand about finance and investment and suggested how to manage my portfolio effectively. Now when I look back at my portfolio it gives me pleasure.

Mr. Ankur Shah

My investment with Ashish started with a roller coaster ride as I didn't understand SIPs and the power of compounding initially. Whenever markets went too much up or down I would call him and tell him should we buy or sell or do something and his response then ( 7 years ago ) and now, has always been - "don't look into short term fluctuations , if we want to create wealth we have to think long term and avoid the noises on the way." This has been an eye opener and worked really well for my portfolio and more importantly me . As the saying goes that it's really "tough to be simple", but through ashish's disciplined approach I have experienced the power of simplicity in wealth creation.

Rajesh Kumar Garg

Impulse India Advisory Services

Someone says - research is much more than just listening to popular opinion. But you changed this quote. Your opinion matters. Thank you.

B K Subbaiah

My 5 years association with SLA has been very rewarding. It helped me to channelize my savings and has been giving consistent returns on my investment especially post retirement. What I like about SLA is their professional approach, sound advise, quick response and easy accessibility.