Sla financial solutions

Without a plan you are spending almost everything you earn or more than everything you earn. And you don't even have a clue where is it all going. Coffee, outing with friends, cab rides, weekend getaways, unplanned dinners or 30-minute pizza delivery etc does not seem to make much difference. They happen seldom that's what you think.

If you just track down how much you have been spending on these things, you would be shocked to see that they consume a major chunk of your income without even letting you know.

Watch out for the little things you spend on And see whether they are worth it!!


Income lasting till the next paycheck or not struggling to fulfill the day-to-day needs does not mean that your finances are sorted. We often think that we would cross the bridge when it comes. It's good to live in the moment but what if something crops up which requires you to shell out a huge chunk of money? Be it a new gadget you've been looking for or a foreign trip or Masters in a reputed university or buying a car or otherwise. The lists can be endless.

What would you compromise on "your wish" or "your day-to-day living"? You would not have to give up on either if you just plan for them a little ahead of time. Have a Budget.

Budget is not a plan to save
It’s a plan to spend!!

Sla financial solutions


Sla financial solutions

It's difficult to forego something you want, when you know you can afford it at that time. But what if this thing is not a part of your spending plan? Confused? Can’t decide whether you should really go for it? Try Rule 21 - just postpone such purchases for 21 days. If after 21 days you still have the same urge to buy, then you need it else you don’t!!

Similarly when you start something new, it's difficult to do it consistently. And when it's something like "Follow a Spending Plan" it's way too difficult. Smart phones these days comes with a variety of expense tracking or budgeting apps which keeps a track of what's coming in and going out. If you push yourself hard to do it for 21 days consistently, after that you wouldn't be able to do WITHOUT IT.

If you really want to do something
You’ll find a Way else an Excuse!!


Sla financial solutions

Taking the first step is the hardest things to do. But as they say journey of thousand miles begins with a single step. And now when the to-do-lists are already on your mind, it’s time to get going.

But when you begin don’t put yourself on a crash diet, else you would not be able to do it for long. First and foremost identify those things which do not hold much importance in your life and giving up on them would not hurt you much. This would motivate you to go further and get your financial house in order.

You can’t do all at once
Take small steps but be regular!!